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Contemporary Memorials

Long lasting and maintenance free alternative memorials here in West Lothian are Granite Benches, Bird Baths and Sundials in various styles and colours which can be placed in special positions found in our Gardens for these very individual memorials.

Bird Bath/Sun Dials

Special positions can be found in the garden for these individual memorials.

This range of bird baths and sundials reflects a more contemporary collection of memorials. Granite, black marble and sandstone have been used to create a varied and interesting range. Ashes may be buried or scattered beneath the memorial. BB04 and SD02 can accommodate up to 2 sets of ashes securely within the pedestal.

Granite Benches

A long lasting, maintenance free alternative to the traditional wooden bench.

The dedication of a bench has been a popular way of remembering a loved one’s life for many generations. The introduction of a range of granite seats and benches provides a long lasting memorial. They are available in a range of colours and can be engraved with a dedication or emblem. Available in the full range of granites unless otherwise stated.

Reflection Stone

The reflection stone is a unique cremation memorial with a beautiful natural appearance. The stone is basalt which is an igneous rock formed from cooling lava. Basalt is usually grey but will characteristically exhibit a wide range of shading including brown and rust-red due to oxidation.

Each stone can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one and the ashes may be scattered or buried close to the stone. The inscription is engraved on a tempered glass panel attached to the top sloping face of the stone.


Dedicated plaques are a traditional form for remembrance of a loved one. Natural and long lasting granite plaques are designed to be engraved with your personal dedication and placed on the granite boulder located within the Gardens of Remembrance.